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Address: Corner of Yves and Rene Streets. Chaguanas,
Trinidad & Tobago,
West Indies.
Tel.: 1-(868)-665-5752

Presentation College, Chaguanas

Address by the Principal

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to those students who are joining us after completing their examinations. It is great to have you here and I congratulate each of you in achieving entry to this noble institution. Learning to get the best and contribute the best in such a setting is part of the educational purpose of the curriculum and, as I say, an aspect which previous students have come to greatly value.

I want to say how much I respect the motivation that many of you have in coming to study at this institution. In my experience most are motivated fundamentally by a desire to help not only themselves but others as well.

I hope that, whatever else, your idealism will be strengthened and not diminished by your experience in the next few years. If society is to remain healthy in the deepest sense of the word it requires reinforcement of values of precisely the sort that have led many of you to come to study with us. I salute you for that and I look forward to meeting you at various points on your fascinating journey in the years ahead.

Welcome to all of you indeed!


Form One Orientation



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Letter to Form 1 parents- Registration

Online Form 1 Bio-Data Registration Form

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Business Dept. Letter to Form 1 parents

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PTAB Volunteer Form

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Form 1 Uniform

Clubs & Activities

Archery 2015 Cricket 2015 Chess 2015 badminton 2015 Scrabble 2015 Language


Chess Club - Auditorium

Archery Club - Auditorium

Scrabble club - Geography room

Music makers - Pan Room, Music room

Language Club - TBA

Debate Club - TBA

Art Club - TBA

Interact Club - TBA

Meetings take place during the luncheon interval and after school!!


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